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its official

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got my encore blued prohunter built last night in 7mm-08 topped with a nikon buckmaster 3-9x40 bdc hope its a shooter
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I'll bet it is. ;D
Now, we want to see some targets with little tiny groups ;)
Shooter ...... that ought to be a tac driver with some umph to it! Yeah, let see some group pics.
Congrates on the new Deer Plinker ;D...Mason
Craig...Your Internet is a LIVE again :D :D Glad to here it.
Well I started the Holiday week-end off right,Yesterday I went Carp & Turtle shooting with the Bow,Hit two turtle's 'cause they where there & 45 Carp. Tonight the wife made BBQ baby-back ribs,Corn & beens & pork for Supper,and tomorrow I'm taking her on a 5 mile hike to some 30' falls near one of my hunting spots,it's supposed to drizzle a little so that will keep all the Drunks in-side ;D not many people know of this spot anyhow,lets face it,not a lot of Ca. yuppies Hike 5+ miles into Rattle-snake,Coyote,Mountain lion and Bob-Cat infested area's ;) but given the proper amount of fire-power we're taking with us...We be just fine ;D

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Congrats Mason! I hope you like your Encore as much as I like mine. Nice choice for the scope too!
Greg thats a real nice fish. Looks like you got some blood on that bow finely
well got the gun broke in with an emu two rams and a hog this weekend not to mention a half inch group will get back out to the range soon and take a picture of it
Mason, photos of the kills bro + the new gun.
Greg, I like that zebco reel ya got for carpping.
That thing is sweet out to 75 feet with 200 LB test string line. It's the Pro Staff 888. Gets'er done.
It should be back at it Tuesday. I wish they'd get everything taken care of for you,me & Dennise,I want to make this one my Carp rig and get a nother bow. Lots to look at,I still need to look at the bow tech,I've seen all the PSE's and Browning's....Same thing,and at 1/2 price lets face it you can't beet that,all of my stuff comes off my Bear and go's on any of those bows,like sights and such.
Yep,I need a new bow myself.
Maybe soon.I'm looking @ The BOWTECH-Equilizer & The New Browning Illusion.
Best to ya tomarrow on killing some more Carp.
Shoot I just need a new shotgun and maybe a bow one day...Now if these gas prices don't slow down hunting may be slowed abit...:( These gas prices are killin the pocket book...
We think we have it bad, my son is in Calif. this week for the Jujitsu national championships. He sent me a pic of a gas sign, where unleaded is $4.73 a gal :eek: :eek:
Gas,It coming down to having a second job- just for gasoline- :mad:.
The gas neededs to crash in NY market aera,then will see it come back down. ::) ??? ::) Someday.
Either that or our govt officials need to get their hands out of the cookie jar...
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