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Its time to bird hunt

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I still have all of my regular season tags, but we are tagged out on the DMAP.
Took the last doe tonight with the Super Red hawk .44 mag 220 gn HP. I recovered the bullet from the off shoulder and I'll get a pic of it and get it posted.
Its all about bird hunting now with my favorite buddy...Gunner.

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Congrads on a good deer season and good luck to you and Gunner on the birds. How's the quail lookin' up there? Thought there might be some around here but they've all but disappeared.
Its spotty at best.
Opening day of quail season I went with a cousin to his lease south of PC, and we got into 4 big coveys of quail with 20+ birds each. Haven't seen birds like that since the 90's. I'm going out this afternoon to my farm, and see how it goes there. We had lots of flood water this spring, and I'm not expecting good sucess.
Nothing better than a good wing shoot.
Its time to bird hunt ??? .
Come on now,Dennis.
You were out for Dove in Sept,just took a little break ha ;D .
All the best to ya on Quail..your going after Pheasant to right?

Almost had another deer yesterday.
200 yards was just to far out of range for my slug gun :mad: .
It's a smooth bore standard scattergun. Good for 125 yards just not pass that.

Saturday and it's back to smacking quackers & hopefully some geese.
Season is back on come Saturday.
Gunner and I made it out this afternoon. I have a little 22 acre spot that is high ground and has always been my go-to place. We walked it out twice, and gunner never got birdy, or even got excited on old scent. It looks like pheasant/quail may be tough this year in Grant county. I have another place, where I deer hunt, and I did see pheasant in there. Give it a shot next weekend. Still was great getting out with the dog, and covering a little ground. ;D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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