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Just for you TulsaHunter..Hog Photos.

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After all...Ya said we need to see some more hogs here in fourm.

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That will work

We hope to see some more soon, as well from you too .
Bacon bacon bacon bacon

No fare,Tuskbuster. ;D
We need to go when ya are a feel'n better.
MAN,I'm glad I'm not a Hog,expecialy around you guys,Tusk*&^%@%&,Nice shot's,good hunting guys.
Great pics, look like ya'll had a blast! :)
Da-umm Thats a lot of hogs! :eek:
Someone has been busy exterminating them hogs..:) Good looking piggies their bud.
Found out last night that we have two more in the corral trap and the guy watching it just threw in some more feed to attract a few others. We will probably go down and get them when we get a couple of more in there. Gas is out of sight to drive 200 miles minimum round trip for 2 hogs.

I hear ya on the Gas price's- its putting my NC turkey trip in jeapordy! :eek:
Well two that topped 250 and one that topped 175 aint bad for a little drive. My buddy drove down this morning and can we say BACON

That's a good mess of Hog's.
I want one of'dem suckers,I'm going to end up cooking two tags for dinner in a couple of months!!!
Greg, Yum Yum... CA Hog Tag's.
Just how would ya cook them ? ;D
I hate waste'n money on tags & get nothing.

Glad, I got me a Lifetime Hunting & Fishing Lic....No more tags to buy ever. YES.
Them some hogs their now.
Congrates to Y'all on some fine hogs.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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