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Just some pics

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I was playing with my trail cam, getting it ready for the fall season, and found a couple of pics I don't think I've shared.

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Man, Dennis.
Now, I want to go smack down a gobbler with my new Mossberg 935 semi auto 12 gauge 3 1/2"
The season is coming! Have you patterned it yet?
Just with the dove loads @ 30 yards & a modified choke today.
Pattern is very tight on the 935 @ 30 yards with the accu mag Mod choke tube.

I'll get a Primos 'Jellyhead' Turkey choke for it before spring of 09'.
The one, I have for my Benelli for turkey is awesome out to 60 yards.
Hey let's see a pic of that beauty.
Bird, go back to the Tavern & look @ the first post in Wal-Mart.
I posted a pic of it today.
Gotcha! She's purty for sure.
Oh yeah! ;)
Thanks guys.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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