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Kicks choke tubes

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What do you all think of Kicks choke tubes? I have one that came in my used 835 that I bought. It is a .680. I havent patterened it yet so the jury is still out.
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Farmboy, I love mine.
I have the High Flyer Steel Shot Choke Tubes. MOD,FULL & X-FULL.
The Kick's Gobbling Thunders are just as awesome.
They run about $60-$70 a Choke Tube.

You will love that choke,Stay with #5 Shot...I heard they pattern the best with #5's.

I was hopin you would say that ;D
Bring it with ya..this Spring!!!

It'll be there, hopefully we can both see firsthand how well it works. Gobble Gobble
O, It will do the job.
What ammo & load, do you plan on shoot'n out of it?
I have a box of Winchester Supreme High Velocity Turkey loads, 3.5 inch 2 oz. #5 shot. These shot good in my other gun, just havent tried them in the new 1 yet.
Good Ammo..Should work fine. Good to always cheak though.

If the weather man is wrong, I will check this weekend. I'll let you know how it does.
Can't wait.
If you can put 5 bb's in the killzone @ 40 yards you be set to go.
Those are great choke tubes.
I have the complete set of High Flyers & Gobbling Thunder for my Benelli Super Black Eagle 2.
I was pretty impressed. I dont get patterns like Gauges turkey slayer does but I'm confident it will lay one down.
I bet you it will too.
My Benelli SBE-2 with the Kicks Gobbling Thunder will put 7 bb's in the head @ 50 Yards.
It will do me just fine.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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