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License plate

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I was in the tag office the other day getting a renewal, and I spotted a new plate they are offering that has the American flag on it. The proceeds from this plate will buy body armor for the Okla national guard, and reserve troops serving in Iraq, and Afganistan. I will have to come up with something to put on it. The rules are "no more than 6 letters, or a combination of 4 letters & 2 numbers". Any dashes or punctuation are considered a letter. I already submitted "Fredom", but they rejected that as somebody already has it. I'd like to keep it patriotic if possible, but, will consider anything. Its all about the troops anyway ;)

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OKHNTR - Not the patriotic them but.....
Home of the Brave. Land of the Free.
Good ones! Get those brains in overdrive, and think of some more. ;)

By the way, This is my first post from my new home computer. ;D After a month of waiting, it got here today ;D ;D
Just in time too :D ;D.
Just in time too :D ;D.
The danged thing died while I was using it last night :mad: :mad:
Its a Dell laptop, and the ac-dc converter that plugs into the wall to keep the battery charged never worked. :mad: Just got off the phone with customer support to get another one. 3-5 days to get another one :mad:
Dennis,that sux's.
That is what i got, a dell laptop.
That is what i got, a dell laptop.
What model do you have? I got the 1720. My wife wanted a desk top for the bigger screen, and I wanted the wireless lap top so I could use it in the shop, & on the deck outside, so we compromised and got the 1720 for the 17" screen. Told her if she wanted a really big screen, our Sony 54" flat screen is capable of converting to a wireless monitor ;D ;D
It's a Dell Inspiron 700m. 10" screen.
I use two of them at work that are for our control systems.
They have been extremely dependable considering the enviroment they have to operate in. ;D

IM4YOU (this is only on the plate with the US flag in the background..)








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Thanks, I'll check with them to see how many are already taken. I was told that even after a decision is made, it takes 3-4 months to get the plate. :'(
We used Dell desktops and laptops in the desert. When we would move we'd have to remove and destroy the harddrives. Open them up and the dang things would have almost 10lbs of sand in them and the only thing that wouldn't work were the 3.5 disk drives. They were tuff as nails.
I go so far back, that we were using teletypes for communication devices. We used then to punch out tapes that were then sent to a huge computer, and sent to a crypto machine to encode them before going out on line as a scrambled data message. :eek: At the end of each shift we had to take the ribbons and rollers out of the teletypes to an incinerator and burn then in front of two wittnesses. Now its a laptop that does it all. Technology is a wonderful thing ;)
Dennis, don't be fooled, there are some days I'd like to use my 'puter for mortar practice! ;D
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