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Little late if the %$#&$# GAME,But

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I found a great spot open to the public,Bow only for pig's,but only have about two week's to get two,or I'm eating two Tag's for Ham's this year ::) Looks like I'm going to have to break up my Turkey hunting this year,of course,if that day of Scouting today was any indication of what to expect on the opener,I'm solid,and will be able to take a few days and try one last time for a pig :(
I guess it's just up to me now,and I'll have to get'er done.
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Wish ya luck, them lil piggies taste a lot better than them tags.
Get ya 1..will be wait'n on photos.
Never Made it :mad: To busy chasing Dem'Tarkey's....but we all know how that worked out,so I'll wait till next time ;) Not going to cry about how that turned out.
Choices choices, that's a had one to make there. I'd say with that last tom your got you went the right way.
Yep ;)
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