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M S Child wants to shoot

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I have an 8 yr old great nephew with M S who wants to learn to shoot, problem , he hasn't strength to pull the trigger. Does anyone out there know of a device we can rig electronically or otherwise on a firearm that would be safe to use. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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first, welcome to the board! ;D
Now, as for your question, I'm pretty sure there are devices out there that will allow your child to shoot safely. First, I would check with the Wheelin sportsmen of the National Wild Turkey Federation. That chapter specializes in taking handicapped people of all levels shooting and hunting.
My youngest son is an incomplete quadraplegic as a result of an accident, and on a visit to Bass Pro in OKC, the NWTF wheelin' sportsmen showed him lots of things that would allow him to participate in field activities from fishing to hunting during a special weekend display. Electric reels, wheelchair rifle rests, and so on. The Oklahoma Dept of Wildlife also has a couple of battery powered hydraulic lifts that allow a person in a wheelchair to get in an elevate to about 12 ft high to use as a deer blind. They are big enough for the wheelchair and the attendant to get in comfortably. They are used during the Non-ambulatory hunts that they put on each year.
My internet is really slow this evening or else I would get you some links. I'll post some to this thread when it speeds up.

Just a little info for those reading this, just because somebody is in a wheelchair, or has a dehabilitating disease, keep in mind they are just as normal as you and I, with the exception that they have to rely on a wheelchair to get around. Their minds are just as sharp and normal as anybody. Shoot, my son even makes handicap jokes ;)
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