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As most of you know I had several guns stolen a couple of years ago. I found these accessories that I don't need any more.
I will pay all shipping costs

This is set of factory grips for the Ruger Mark II pistol. I replaced it with Pachmayr grips. $10.00

The three sets of rings are for the elevation on a Tasco World class scope. You size the rings with the weight, and ballistic cooefficient of the bullet to eliminate hold over. The three sets are identical as I had three of the scopes. $5.00 each set

These are rosewood grips that are original on a Virginian Dragoon .44 mag. $10.00 for the pair.

This is a black powder dispenser. $5.00
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I just might need the Dragoon grips. I'll send you a PM.
Dragoon grips are sold
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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