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Mossy Oak Camo

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For ya'all that got on with Mossy Oak Camo's Pro Staff/Reps.
Have any of you yet got your packet of stuff ?
Any time frame as to when you should recieve it as well ?

I was told the first week of July.Now its the middle of July. ???

Congrates to ya'all that got on with Mossy Oak Camo.
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What we have others who got on with Mossy Oak as well? Geesh all you people holding out on us...
Yep, been holding out on ya. I got the NW okla turkey position, and like guage, I haven't heard a word from them since
Sweet now I definitely expect some tv time since ya held out on me..:p j/k congrats dennis I know you both will love it and do an awesome job at it..
Don't know how much TV time if any, as none of us have got very little information about whats coming up.
Yeah, I got on the whitetail division. I was told that they wern't gonna mail stuff out until July 14 or so.
Thanks guys for the replys.
Just been curious to when will get our packets of stuff.

ELIP~ Are you with just a Whitetail Division ? Or is their another game animal as well with that division ?
My buddy that hooked me up with M.O.C. is with the Whitetail & Elk Divison here in OK.
As I know it, Oklahoma Whatetail Division.
All I gotta say is how the heck did all you guys get on with Mossy Oak?
I got lucky & had a friend who was already with Mossy Oak Camo.
He told his rep manager to get a hold of my now rep manager & ya know the rest.

My manager rep told me he was looking for someone up in nw ok also for turkey.
I told him about Dennis & Dennis did his part & got on as well.
I'm with the whitetail division. Things are definitely moving slow, but that's alright with me.
Congrates to you as well USFWC for getting on with M.O.C.

I'd like to know just what were to do for M.O.C. & our benefits for doing so.
It's hard to do anything when they don't give you any options to do anything. I'm sure they'll start getting things to us sooner or later though. I just found out today that the Fall Classics are about to happen at BPS. Have you all heard anything on them?
But their is like no one from Mossy Oak Camo even going.
More from Realtree Camo,Mikeal Waldell,Bill Jordan & B.P.S. Pro Staff like Brenda Valintine & more.
I didn't see anyone from Mossy Oak Camo even listed in the Fall Classic. ??? ??? ???

Me,Dennis & Greg have gotten our ok to buy items from Mossy Oak Camo & suppliers.
Greg got his packet.Me & Dennis are still waiting on the packet.
Yeah, I got the partner list a while back but have not bought anything yet. I got an e-mail this week asking if I could work any of the Fall Classic.
Wounder if they are gonna ask any of other division to help out as well???
Got nothing here ???
Got nothing here ???
I'm pretty well a pro when it comes to this problem Dennis...12 gauge with no. 4 mags...the ole diller will quit digging...I promise...
oh no...wrong site..but you still get the drift...actually...my problem I'm having could probably be your fault...if you get my drift..
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