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Mossy Oak { Part 2}

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Looks like Mossy Oak want's me after all.
The division head called & left a message today. So,i called him back.
He sent me a contract to fill out ???...Gonna need to read it over & get a job discription from him 1st before anything else.

I hope for the best out of this. I'll keep ya'all in the 411.
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Way to go buddy! ;D
Maybe them turning you down when you called was just to see how you would react. ???
Is this for a job with them or signing up as a field rep? Either one would be a neat gig. Best of luck to ya.
Sweet glad it worked out for you...Keep us informed so we know when to look for you on the outdoor channel..;)
This is what,I found out today.

The { Job } is for a Pro Staff Membership / Rep for Mossy Oak.
It is for the Wild Turkey division of TX,OK,AR,LA.
The Division Manager still is not totaly clear on what all, He or I will be held accountable for with Mossy Oak.
Hum ??? ,So I called Mossy Oak HeadQuarters today for some info on this so called manager rep for Mossy Oak.
I'm waiting to talk with Tim Anderson [ CEO ] of Mossy Oak's Pro Staff Dept.

They want me to sign a contract with Mossy Oak...Yet noone knows for sure what it all details ???

Still need to talk with the CEO before sign'n up with Mossy Oak.
Great Deal Buddy.
Does this mean free gear for all your hunting buds? ;)
He's all ready hooked me up....You didn't get yours yet?????
I still have some ?'s to ask Mossy Oak.
To many unfilled blanks in the contract to sign just yet.
Yep, I got a Mossy Oak Camo truck already, you not get anything yet????? ;D ;D ;D
I just got my mossy oak camo'd diesel powered UTV saturday!! Thanks Guage!! ::) ;D
Well,I guess Craig Just don't care for 'ol smokefaggon :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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