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Was just wondering how several of you became Pro staffers. How and where do I sign up???
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I sent them an e-mail asking how to get on and they sent an application. There for a while on Mossyoak.com I seen where they were asking for prostaffers.
Go to mossyoak.com and look for contacts with in the pro staff dept.
I was lucky enough to have a friend get me in.
I got in the turkey division, but so far, I guess its on hold. Maybe in the spring it will pick up. ???
I was on the mossy oak forum and saw the call for more prostaffers...I got in contact with the regional guy..filled out the paperwork and got accepted into the turkey division
Hmm what all do ya get to do being a prostaffer?
You have to do so many shows, I think 10, a year. But I don't see that many around here.
Do what you can within a 30 minute drive from your home is what,I told to do.
Events & stuff.
So is there even a chance of getting on TV as a prostaffer or do ya just get to say you and get some decent discounts?
U just never know. ???
Hmm may have to try and get on as a pro staffer..
I ain't no where near photogenic enough to be on no huntin programs(thats a nice way of sayin I is UGLY!!!!!!!!!)....LOL LOL LOL
I sent an email to them the day I sent this original post. No response.
Most of the game divisions are all full.
I've been asked about others to add to our division.
I did & both have not gotten any response back from my rep,Who asked for others 1st off.

Good Luck with it.
You may get on a game division in the future.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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