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Mule Deer Hunting in West TX

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Hi everybody, long time no see. I am shopping for a mule deer hunt in West TX. I've seen some options, but not sure what to look for. Do you all have any recommendations what to look for? And how much is considered to be reasonable? Thanks, Victor.
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Are you looking for a trophy mule deer of 150 B&C or better?
Or do's that matter to ya?

Hunts are gonna start around $2000 for a Bow hunt & $3000.00 for a Rifle hunt or better depending on what the deer will score.
Most guided hunts for deer are set up this way in TX. For a 4 day hunt.

When looking for a guided hunt.
See what the % is on the kill.Also photos of kills.
Then if they have references to others that have hunted with them.
Call these people & ask them all about their hunt with that guide service.
See if they offer management hunts as well.This would be for deer say under 130 B&C /
Or a Buck over 140 B&C & not quite yet 150 B&C and the hunt could be for around +/or- $1000.00 dollars added of subtracted to the regular price.
I'd say between $2000.00-$2500.00 for a Bow Hunt & $3000.00 & up for a Rifle Hunt for 4 days. To be fare in todays hunting market.
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I found a guy who charges $1000 flat fee, no other fees. It's a 7 day hunt on a 10,000 acre property. He drops you off for 7 days and you are on your own. You can kill either a mule deer, or white tail. No count of points. I saw some of the pics and they are not plentiful. The guy said he'd been in business for 22 yrs. Does it sound too good to be true? As for referals, I think they could be fudged too: who is to say I'm not calling one of his buddies or relatives? I would have no way of knowing. I appreciate your input, Gauge. Any other feedback is always welcomed. I'm still selling the decoys. I'll send you a PM with the pics (I'd already taken them). Later, V.
Thanks, Vic.
$1000.00 bucks for a 7 day deer hunt non-guided sounds fair.
You could spend a $1000.00 buck in week anyways out deer hunting anywhere.
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