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My 3 year old made me proud today

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So my 3 year old daughter was in a car with my friends tonight as they were baby sitting for us. Well They told me that when they drove by some Christmas decorations their daughter pointed out some lighted deer ornaments on sombodys yard. My 3 year old said "I want to shoot them". My friends were telling me this I could not help but be proud. WHen asked what she wants for Christmas my daughter says a pink guitar and a pink gun to so she can go hunting with daddy and shoot Bambi. God I love her.
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thats awesome man.
Nothing like what kids say to make ya proud.
Keep up the good work. I went to my sons house one time and they had the original bambi movie on and to this day my grandson does not want to hunt as "all the animals are friends" and play togather. Doesn't matter how many video's I've shown him, the original bambi movie is still on his mind. :mad: Maybe the new 1yr old twins will have a better chance :mad:
We have the movie Bambi too. What I did to nip that problem before it happened is told my daughter that we like to eat all those animals on the T.V. I then promptly served up Venison for dinner that night and told her that we were eating Bambi. It must have took because she told her pre school teacher that Bambi tastes good.
That's cool....When I was 4 or 5 years old my dad came home with a buck that had blood all over his nose.When he came in the house he said he killed Rudolph the red nosed deer.It bothered me till we started eating him. MMMMM..Good
These days they would prolly take the child away from the family for child abuse.
Man thats great!!!!!!...I started my daughter out young also...had her watchin turkey videos at around the age 3-4....keep up the good work and before ya know it you'll have a sweet little huntin partner :) :)
Thats what Im hoping for. Seems these days children are not getting into hunting because of video games, T.V. and parents keeping up with the Joneses. When the neighbor kids find out that Im going out hunting they all start gathering around to see what Im up to. I can see that they want to learn but are afraid to hit the outdoors. My daughter though comes up to me with her hands on her hip and asks if Im going hunting with out her. When I say yes she gets really upset and either stomps off or says to me maybe next time I can go right daddy. I just smile at her.
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