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My absence...

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Ok gang just wanted to apologize for not being around much..Had the jeep work to do, school has kicked on for the summer, and last weekend I was out of town..I will be out of town this weekend and the following weekend as well..So hopefully once the month of June ends things will slow down and I'll be around more..:) Hope everyone is having a good summer and getting out and doing some fishing or hunting.

I sure can't wait till Dove season hits and I can make my way back down south and hook up with craig..The later part of the season sure sucked this year with the car issue but the Jeep is running good and I should be in full swing come this fall..:)
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Mike,no problem...It's summer time.
I wish Summer was over & tomarrow was Sept 1st.
Looks like,I'll have somemore private hunting land to hunt on this fall & with a rifle finaly.
I haven't shoot a game animal in years with a rifle,everything been with a shotgun mostly.
I'll have between 2000-4000 aceras of new hunting land form now on to hunt on.
Looking good for some future G.T.s as well,with Elk,Deer,Hog,Turkey & Waterfowl{Geese}.

Look forward to having Ya'all back again for Dove Season.
Shoot yeah buddy always good to have more hunting options..This season I can cart you around..:) Just gotta get a rear tray for the receiver so haul deer and hog ...not sure it would haul elk though..lol
I got ya covered on haulin ELK!! ;D ;D ;D If I can afford to fill up the truck by then! :mad: :mad: :mad:
Shoot man gas is insane...I have started setting a little aside for paying for gas for hunting season..I gotta replace my gas tank and fuel pump cause I have pump going out and a crack at the rim where the fuel pump goes...uhg..I was thinking about a new semi auto shotgun but not sure yet...I know I can get the Charles Daly for around the $500 mark so may have to go that route..Was hoping to be able to afford something a little nicer but eh gotta save the cash for gas..uhg
Okchunter, look for the P.M.s.

Farmboy~I know you got the truck for an elk buddy.
Hope we can work something out when the time comes around.
I have basically parked my 1 ton for now due to the Diesel price. I have only bought 1 tank of fuel since I got back from turkey huntin with Gauge, and that was because I had to haul a load of cattle to market.

I have been forced back into my old 87 GMC 1/2 ton to save $$$. 216,000 miles and no A/C, gets 17mpg but gas is so much cheaper than diesel that it is cheaper to drive than my Dodge at 21mpg!! That aint right!!
Farmboy what year is that Diesel? I have a friend who runs and old dodge 1 ton diesel and he somehow recycles motor oil and burns it in his truck..Saves him a wad of cash on gas..I'll ask him about it when he gets back in town and see how he does it..SO if you are interested I'll gladly get ya the info..
elk??? Your getting my interest now ;) ;D
I didn't see elk..must be the meds you are on..:p Shoot I think you mention elk everyones ears perk up a bit...:)
Okchunter ~ My Dodge is a 05 and still under factory warranty, so I better not try anything like that. Thanks for offerin the help though. If somethin hasnt changed in about 6 months, I'll probably be lookin at tradin in for a 3/4 ton gas rig. I HATE the thought of it, but no since havin a $40,000 truck that I dont drive.
For a couple of Elk,I'll Drive my F350 V10 out there :D
Ok gang I am heading out of town for the weekend..Now you guys don't go and shoot all them elk while I am gone..:) Enjoy and have a good weekend..
Well, to my knowledge the elk heard is small 12-15 in the heard.
So, It will be a 1 member invite when,I do have a g.t. for elk.
I be on my way ;D :D :D :D
Well then come on out.
I'll be diving for Abalone,and spear-fishing next week,with some Deer scouting for the coastal opener on the 17 th of July,You should be on your way out here,Bring Dennis and Elip with ya,The 5th Wheel Trailer can hold the lot'of us ;D....It will be our Mossy Maiden Voyage 8) We'll be hunting in 40-50 degree Tempetures in the mornings :eek:
Well, to my knowledge the elk heard is small 12-15 in the heard.
So, It will be a 1 member invite when,I do have a g.t. for elk.
I'm still waiting to go see the place.
Sure thought ,I was gonna see it last weekend.

Still got plenty of time before hunting season kicks back up.
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