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My connection

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As most of you know I've never had a computer at home as there was not a connection other than a dial-up and our noisy phone system won't do data transfer well. We got a new service in town that offered a wireless connection, and we signed on. Obviously to us they don't have enough bandwidth to support all the people signing on as it is unuseable during the day until after 10pm or prior to 7am. :mad:
Even then its so slow its almost unusable. We bought a rocket ship laptop to take advantage of the connection speed rate, and boy did we waste our money. :mad: I called them today, and was assured that we would not be charged for access as they can't meet their guarentee they advertised, so I guess we have free internet for now until something else happens, although it takes about an hour to download a page during the day.
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Kinda makes me lone for the Pony Express again....I would be surprised if what they claimed ever came true...
Just like the guy on the commercial that "finds the internet" but what he fails to tell ya is that what you find is just the rotted carcuss of the internet. We've tried the wireless route between Tinker and Will Rogers as we have to use the Guard system and it is slower than molasses.
Unfortunatly the only other alternative living in the sticks where we do is dial up :'(
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