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My office

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This will be my office for the next couple of days. I have time while the equipment is doing its calibrations, so I thought I might take some pictures.
It is a nice view, and the wind wasn't too bad today.

My 4 wheeler by my right foot

The wooded cove in the background is where the eagle cam is located

This AF jet just made a "missle run" on the plant. They come from Vance AFB in Enid to practice shooting up our plant. ::)
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wow now that's what I call a window seat with a view..:)
:eek: NOWQ thats what I call a deer stand!!!! I guess if you used a .50 BMG, you could hunt all the way over in the next county! ;D
When they were so ate up with security issues after 911, I did volunteed to head up a rifle squad. I think the .50 BMG would cover the whole lake ;D
Woooow Dennis, nice view. How was it today up there? :eek:
Now thats a view :eek:.
That must make for a better work day.
Have to go up and do the other stack today. Its going to be really nice with low winds, and mid 70's ;D
What a pretty view you have dennishoddy.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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