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Has anyone been to the North American Hunting Club site lately. It looks like it crashed also. I had to reregister and it says, "pending email verification." Ive been a life member since 1990. Anyone know whats up with the site now. Did it crash also. I emailed them asking what the deal was and of course they wont respond. I guess they have gotten to big for their britches. I clicked on the email verification thing and never did get an email from them to verify anything. ???
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I was on their cheaking on p,m's last night.
Everything seemed to be ok then.
Just went their and cheaked it out.
Everythings working for me on that slow ass site!!!
Oh yeah, its working. Just dont know why I had to join again like I was a brand new member.
That is why we stay here in Oklahoma Hunter most of the time.
You may have deleted the cookie for their site. That will cause problems sometimes.
That site did a change over a couple of months ago to where everyone had to re-setup their account. So if you haven't been on in a while you'll have to. Nobody likes the new program that they are using at least I don't.
Yeah, thats what happened. I havent been on there in forever. Been on this one, cause I like it better.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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