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Navy Recruitment poster

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What do you guys and gals think of this

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My youngest son of two joined the navy. He has the highest score on the A.C.T. test 32,was going to go to O.S.U. almost a full ride. He changed his mind and joined the navy.He took the test they have and scored 96 out of 99,the recruiter guy said it was the highest score he has seen in the 5 years he has been there.He is going into the nuclear part of the navy.He graduates in May and goes to boot camp in Jan. I am proud either way he chooses.

Do me a favor and tell him thank you from me.

Personally, I think your son made the correct decision. The Navy's Nuclear program has great training. With the current trend toward nuclear powered energy your son may very well be getting a foot hold in a new industry.
Keep us informed of his progress. ;D
ibokie,congrates to you & your son.
Thanks all. He seems to be excited about it.What is cool about it, when he gets out of training he will be just short of a bachelor degree and be getting paid for it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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