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Need Some Pink Frilley Mossy Oak!!!

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Well the daughter got the ultra sound today and we know what flavor of grand kid I have comming in Jan.

It's a girl!!!! And the nurse sez this kids got some kind of attitude, I like her already.

So Gauge ole buddy ole pal, what kind of pink frilley Mossey Oak can ya get me.

BTW, plans are to have her turkey hunting by age 2!!!!
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Congratulations Grandpa! ;D
Is this the first?
Bird, congrates.
I'll take a look a see & send ya a P.M.

Will have to get her her 1st tarkay bird as well.
Yep, first grand kid. Hope to save her from years of dance classes and out enjoying the great outdoors.

Hey Gauge, check to see if Pampers come in Mossy Oak too!!!!
I know bibs and shirts come in Mossy Oak ;D
Bird, Everything ,I came across is in Mossy Oak Break Up.For little 1's.
Youth sizes offer pink on white t-shirts with a Mossy Oak label.
Yep, I've been scouring the websites and catalogues. Funny part is Leah (my wife) wants to foo foo up the girl and Ashley (the daughter) wants the camo!!!
Tell your wife that the mama rules on the camo ;) ;D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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