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New Benelli Nova 20 ga

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Just got me a new Benelli Nova 20 gauge all black.weight's maybe 5 1/2 pounds.
it shoots good. i hope Gauge's granddaughter bag's her second tom ever with it here in a few weeks.

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So far I haven't seen anything with a Benelli name on it thats not a shooter. Good choice ;)
Those are nice shotguns Sprig
thanks ya'all
I all most bought a full size one in Camo,very sweet gun,I have even seen one Pheasant hunting,That's what I wanted it for was Chucker and Quail hunting,they just want to much for it,It was $1100 Smacker's
Lightest Shot-Gun I've ever picked up ;) This one may have been a super nova??? but it was sweet..Even for the money,I just am not going to spend $1100 on a shot gun.
They are supposed to be one of the best. I just have a hard time paying the "look at me fee" That some of the places around here want for touching one. LOL

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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