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New Hunting Buddy Arrived Today

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Well Leah and I have a brand new granddaughter as of 5pm, Bailey Marie a 7lb 2oz 20.75in baby girl with all 10 fingers and toes and one nose and already pooping. Mother, dad and baby are all doing fine. Whew what a day!
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Buddy let me be the first to tell you. CONGRATES. Glad to hear that she is all safe and all.


We need to take up a fund to get her her first 22 now before they become outlawed.
ALRIGHT!! Glad to hear the all is fine. Enjoy her ;D
Just had to drop by and see the girls this morning, and just about the time I head out to the parking lot to start home, it turned to ice! I-40 was a buggar from Choctaw Rd to Dale exit. Ashely, Bailey and Buckey are thinking of staying in a motel tonight instead of trying to make it home tonight. Thanks for the congrads and yep, I'm a gonna spoiler her.
Congrate's Grandpa.
Won't be long & I'll be a grandpa again.
Take care buddy.
Congratulations grandpa! Glad to hear everybody is doing well ;D
I became a new Great uncle this morning at 1215am to a little girl :D
Thanks and congrads to Dennis and Gauge too. Had to take the Ma in Law and Leah to go see the lil one today. Funny how my wife wouldn't go out in this kind of weather for love nor money but that lil grand girl HAD to be seen today. Kind of glad tho, me and Bailey had a good nap together this afternoon. Figured out why grandpa's have big bellys for, she fits just right on it.
Figured out why grandpa's have big bellys for, she fits just right on it.
Its how nature intended it. Women have a hip to hang em on, and men have a belly ;D ;D
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