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new hunting land, but no time to scout....

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I get the chance to hunt 80 acers in NW Okla. The first time I will get to set foot on the place will be when I take my step-son on the youth hunt. I'm going strickly off areial photos. There is a creek that leads into the property. It has two smallish wheat fields and a pond. My cousin's own the mile section, but I just get to hunt the SE corner. I will be the only one hunting the mile section.

My question is: How would you hunt this. Would you sit on the creek and try and catch something cruseing the creek or would you sit on the field edge? I will try and post a pic later.


the red outline is my 80+/- acres. The green is very thick trees and brush
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Its hard to say without looking at the picture, but using past experience with a set-up like that, I would explore the creek for a well used crossing that is nearest to the wheat fields, and set up in that area. I'm assuming your using a gun? You may be able to set up to watch both at the same time. Typically does will enter the wheat fields first, and the bucks will hang back in the cover until just before dark. All the rules go out the window during rut though ;D
Hunt on the border of the tree line & creek that enter into the wheat field like ,Dennis mentioned.
This will cover all the bases.
Deer will cruse the wheat field, use the tree line & creek for cover food & water as well.
Id say find the highest point of the area and check for sign. In my experience this works best for the bruisers.Its funny bud the high spot could be only a couple feet higher than the rest of the area but for some reason the bruisers like to be at the high spot. Guess they like to see whats giong on. Just be real slow when aproaching it becasue I gurantee they will see you from the elevated position long before you see them. Good luck.
Ok, now that you have the link up, its easier to see what you are up against.
This is just my opinion, but the area you have in green, unless somebody is hunting the other side of it, I would leave alone, and never go in there leaving it for a sanctuary. Without being on the ground, there are two places where I'd probably set up.
Since the creek is within sight of the wheat field, and knowing that deer will make a trail usually 20-50 feet inside the tree line around the wheat field, I'd pick a spot where the deer cross the creek on their way to the wheat kind of where the heavy blue line makes the little dog leg just NE of the green area. The other would be in the strip of trees separating the two fields because for whatever reason, everytime I see a little strip of field going into a narrow spot in the trees, they will almost always feed there as cover is always close on 3 sides.
Let us know how it looks from the ground and if our advice helped you.
If all else fails, those little brush pockets on the right of the pic have been known to hold bucks that will bed up in there for the day as they can use the wind on one side, and eyeballs on the other to check for danger. They will sneek in there just at daylight, and leave just before dark, usually just about the time legal shooting light comes around. ;D
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well I have looked a the aerial photo closer and I think the west fence line is right next to the wheat field. I have it mark in yellow. If this is true now how would you hunt it?

If this is a one time hunt I'd look at where the the two creeks join. See if there is a trail where they are crossing the creek. If you'll be hunting this more than once I'd give the strip of trees between the two fields a look at where the strip comes to the edge of the field at the top of the photo where the blue and yellow lines intersect. If the yellow line is a fence, look for a place that just looks a bit different, a wire lower in a spot, something like that.
I will be hunting it off and on all season. Any ideas how to blackpowder hunt this place?

can I set up a ground blind the day of the hunt or will this spook the deer?
I will be hunting it off and on all season. Any ideas how to blackpowder hunt this place?

can I set up a ground blind the day of the hunt or will this spook the deer?
If somebody set up a ground blind in your living room, would you notice? But, If you set it up among cover you can usually get away with it. ;)
I'd set that ground blind up a couple days or the weekend before..give it time to season in and for the natives to forget about it..General rule is not to alter what they are use to seeing the day of your hunt..They won't come back..That's why most people setup their blinds and what not just before the season starts so the deer and such get use to it and it becomes a normal part of their environment..Just my thoughts..
True & False about the ground blind being set up early & the morning of.
If you are setting it up in a opening the morning of...not a good idea.
Place it back into and around some brush/forage & its a done deal the morning of the hunt.

If you want to hunt from it ,In a more open spot...Then [Yes] at least a 2 day minimum before the hunt.

It might be just me or the aera's that I hunt @.
I've set one up the morning of the hunt many of times & had deer walk right by um.
Same go's for tree stands too.
thanks for the replys. If it doesn't rain to much up there this weekend I'm going to go up on Monday and put up the blind. Me and my step-son will be hunting out of it friday evening. If it does rain to much then we are stuck with putting it up Friday afternoon when we get there. I do plan on sticking it in some thick cover.
okiehunt16~ you taken the step son on the youth muzzleloader hunt then?
Youth gun hunt is coming up this next weekend.
Me realized that after making that post.
I had a brain fart. ::)
Thats a smell I didnt need to think about!! ;D ;D
:D :D :D
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