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New I Wanna Have It

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Just saw an article on the new Taurus PT 1911 HC (high capacity) 12+1. I want one reaaaalllll baaaad in SS.
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SS is the only way to go. I don't buy any handgun in anything else,and if centerfire mfg's offered them in stainless bolt actions, I wouldn't buy anything else either. All of my custom centerfires are in SS
Yea, I agree for the most part on the stainless..It kind of depends on the type of gun for me..I have a stainless Ruger government model that look really good in stainless..But I have a Ruger Bisley 44 magnum in blue..I own stainless rifles that of course don't show any use but I also have a Remingon 700 that is 36 or 37 years old that still looks pretty good....I guess for my taste...Since I am old and even more old fashion..I still like a really nice walnut stock with a really deep blue..guess that's why they make em both.....main thing is...I like em all....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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