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new job

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Well,I will be moving up to Canton OK.
I'm gonna be the new hunting operations manager for the Chain Ranch.
Whoo hoo i'm really pumped. Cheak us out at www.chainranch.com
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Congrates to you buddy. U needed a job up your alley.
So, when can we do a hunt over at your new place?
Big Congrads Mason, sounds like one heck of a job! Wish you all the luck on the move.
I sure hope you can get us a deal on any of them hunts-Mason.
Man o' Man expensive.Know wounder your all pumped up.
You'll will be rich quick with them $$$'s.
It will take the poor man forever to save up anuff to hunt out their.

All the best to you-Mason.
ill have to see what i can do once i get situated they just bumped the price up they got tired of doing 30 hog hunts a weekend i dont plan getting rich but it will be nice if i do but just loving what i do is enough for me but i will be busy as all get out come sept 1
That is what its all about,Having a job you love to go to everyday.
Nice...Real nice Mason.Good luck with everything.
Congratulations on the new job! ;D
congrats on the new job bud..Sounds like something right up your alley..When I get ready for a trophy deer hunt I'll drop you a line..:)
we have definitly got them i cant wait for deer season as i have a legitimate shot a big buck with my bow just one of the perks i get to bowhunt as long as it doesnt cut into clients hunting
Ruff life ya got their, Mason.
RUFF !!! ;D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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