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New Play Scope

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A buddy of mine told me about shooting a .270 at some loooong range targets down by Lawton. I asked what kind of scope the guy had and he said I'd be suprised. It's a 4x16 x40 Center Point made by Crossman of all things. It has lighted reticles, red and green, parallax adjustable 5-100yrds to infinity, fast focus eyepiece and comes with flip open lens covers. All for $70 at Wally World, they are the only place that sells these, supposedly. Picked one up last week and mounted it on the A-3 AR on the flat top and it dialed right in. Adjustments were spot on at 100yrds and you can zero the adjustment knobs when you get it sighted in. About the only thing it needs to be really cool is a long scope shade for the front as the sun did kind of fad out the picture. Low light is not great but did preform well near dark. Other than that this thing works pretty danged well and looks cool on the AR. Look out beavers and 'yotes!
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That sound like a good deal??
Guess what impressed me most is on the first group it was 8in high and 4 right, 24clicks down and 16 left and it was spot on. I hate chasing goups with a scope that won't go where you steer it and that was with some fairly high dollar name brand ones.
I hear that 1.
I hate chasing groups myself with a scope.
Sounds real interesting. I might look into one of those.
I seen them at wally world and wondered about them
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