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New Toy

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This is my new toy. A GSG-5. Its an exact copy of the MP5, but in 22lr. The suppressor is fake. That is until I put mine on. Im going to cut the barrel back to the front sight and have it threaded for my suppressor. I will also have to register it as a short barreled rifle. Gonna put a collapsible stock on it soon as I find one.
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I have shot these before. That is just too much fun. And it is really cheap to shoot. Good catch buddy.

Thats a really black rifle....I like it ;) ;D
Nice varmite whacking gun,Smokewagon.
very nice indeed.
what something like that run ya?
Turtles beware!!!!!!! That thing looks like it'd be a hoot to shoot.
I need a good turtle and snake wacking pond for me and my boy. I used to have 2 until Dad sold all his land. Anyone have any near OKC????
New toy is for sale. Shot just enough to sight in. Gonna be to much a pain to cut down barrel, so Im gonna sell it and get the pistol version. My suppressor will screw right on without cutting or threading. Will take $500. Just the rifle. Sight and mount do not go with. Will need them on new toy.
Go to the for sale forum & re post it's for sale.

Some may not see that it is for sale in this thread.
Heres the pistol version with and without my suppressor on it. Have to register it as a short barreled rifle before I can put my collapsible stock on it. Ive also got a laser and red dot on it now. Those Dillos better look out now. ;D
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Here it is with the red dot and laser. Just sighted it in. Have a pesky song dog behind the house thats been waking me up that Im gonna try it out on.
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That should take care of him alright.
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