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NRA-ILA...Oklahoma Hunters- A Must Read.

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Well ya'all.
I was reading the issue of the NRA-ILA & found this very interesting read.

Ya'all that hunt here in Oklahoma need to read this & vote on it.

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Oklahoma Has been in the forefront of preserving the rights of sportsman and gun owners. We have some of the most liberal laws in the world for conceled carry, right to hunt,& hunting regs in general. Bravo to the "common folk" that send letters, and emails to their legislators to make sure they know we won't stand for anything less. ;)

Even the Democrats that are elected are hunters, and fish for sport.

I wish I had cut out the ad and saved it, but Kathy Keating, the wife of former Gov. Frank Keating was taken on a deer hunt, and bagged an 8 point buck. She said it was one of the most exciting times she had ever had, and would love to go again. This was when Keating was a lame duck and couldn't be elected again because of term limits, so it had to be an honest statement. No politics involved ;D I really enjoyed his term. ;D
Hopefully this will pass and start a trend among states. This should also help lessen the burden on spending money on lawyers to fight for hunting rights to spending that money where it will do some good like habitat preservation and the like.
When Y'all see me posting the political comments that I do, its because I've learned years ago that a lot of people lead very busy lives, and sometimes don't have the time to do the research about the truth and the platforms that some of these candidates stand behind. The wonderful thing about the internet is that there are non-biased groups out there that are willing to do the research.
For Example:
barrack hussain obama has been the target of a large internet campain about being a muslim, and so on. By going to sites such as Snopes.com, and truthorfiction.com, you can get the real story. They use footnotes, and references that back up their research.

I'm amazed how the major news anchors and the late nite shows have reaped praise on this piece of crap.
Mccain has made several trips to Iraq, and Afganistan, without any major network coverage, but the anti-war media,(who all signed on and praised it all at the start) never went with him, but when the hussain obama went they went with him and were all giddy when a few (ethnic) folk met with him and they played basketball, and later on, when it was time to go see some of the wounded troops in the hospital he opt'd to go work out to "preserve his image" ??? ???

More to come :mad: :mad: :mad:
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Obama is a...JOKE!!!
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