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For every team, their must be a team captain and a team name.
Team captains, will post their team's score in their team's forum. Team member will not post points!!!

Every mammal, bird or critter harvested must be photographed in order to receive points and you must share the story with us.
You need be in the photo along with YOUR harvest.
If no one is around to take a photo of you and YOUR harvest then a selfie will work.

IF YOU ARE CAUGHT CHEATING AND/ OR BREAKING ANY GAME LAWS AND ARE FOUND AT FAULT YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE CONTEST AND ALL YOUR POINTS TAKEN AWAY. You will be notified of your cheating allegations. You will be given a chance to PROVE your innocence before termination.

The Official point system for this contest is as follows….

Big game-

-Mule deer-20
-Elk & Pronghorn-40
-Black bear-25
-All wild swine-15

-Small game-

-Rabbits, Squirrel, Raccoon, Opossum, Beaver, Skunk, Armadillo-05
-Bobcat, Badger-25

-Upland/ Waterfowl-

-Dove, Pigeon-01
-Quail, Pheasant, Grouse, Partridge-05
-All ducks & All geese-02
-All cranes-25

-Tags/ Bands-

-Tags/ Bands-100
-Money Tags/ Bands-worth money value x2 ($50 x2=100 points)

-Reptile/ Amphibians-

-Bullfrogs ONLY-02
-Rattlesnakes ONLY-05


All fish are worth 1 point each

-All Trout-(min length 12"�)
-All Bass species-(min 1 pound)
-Crappie, Bluegill, Sunfish-(no min size)
-All Catfish-(min 14")
-All Carp-(min 2 pounds)
-Walleye and sub species-(min 12"�)
-All Drum-(min 1 pound)
-All Gar-(min 24"�)
-Paddle fish-(min 30")

We can add other legal specie if needed and voted upon by all current team members.

I wish y'all the best in the field this season. May the bite never stop and your aim be true, Happy Hunting & Fishing!!!

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A serious omission has been made! Woodcock, Timberdoodle or those wonderful little russet fellas.
All the species listed for points are all found in the OK H&F regs and or found in Oklahoma. If a majority of those participating in the contest agree to adding them then we will add them.

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Just a friendly reminder that when submitting pictures for points that YOU and or SOMETHING DISTINGUISHABLE TO YOU must be in the pic for it to count for points. This has been a bit lax’d but moving forward it will not.
A selfie is 100% acceptable. We’re not professional photographers here. You can post all the other pics you want in the story BUT for it to count as points YOU NEED TO BE IN IT.

This is a fun contest and an excuse to get outdoors. The contest has rules and as such we must abide by them.
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