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Ok all you turkey hunters!

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Season is one month and a week away. lets get on here and get some posts going ;D
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Dennis, Thats what we are try'n to do.
Hang in their.

OK Dennis,I did a little Scouting today,and along with these pick,and I'm in love with the one who's Beard hits the ground,Daddy WANT ;D I also had a lot of talkers in full strutt,I got these Tom's all bothered by just whisteling a Hen sound....No Call ;) Got a lot of responses with my call's and never left the road.
I can't emagine what it's going to be like when I get in there and set up.I have some real good area's that are a good drive,but Have a condo 20 Miles away for about 5 Days and am going to have to get a room at a hotel for one or two nights.With the price of gas,and the size of these boys,it's worth it. I may need a place to rest a day or so,you know how it is for us OLD GUY's :D

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I'll be out on opening day...I'll get myself a turkey one way or another..:) Either that or Gauge might become the turkey..:p j/k
What a Merrium tom he is.
Nice photos Greg...That guy is a trophy anyway ya look at it.
That beard got to go 11" or better :eek: :eek: :eek:.
We look forward to the photo's of him dead in your hands...best to ya come next Saturday.
The granddaughter should get her 2nd ever Tom too Saturday morning...She has about 15-20 to choise from.
Hope she can make up her mind fast,& lay the hammer down.
Re: OK all you turkey hunters!

OK heres another big'ol boy from today and a couple more looks at the Big one from yesterday,I'm not sure,this one today may be a little bigger,I pushed him into a draw,then using a box call got him to come out one more time,I could have got a shot on him both times,I just wanted to see if I could get him back out. I am yet to see a Jake,I found a fresh sparring area going down a trail,this Gal...Nice Firm gal ;D Came walking out of one of the area's I'm looking at hunting Sat. She pushed two toms into the draws,so I didn't see any in there,but I walked in about a mile and did some calling and got Three Toms for three different spots to all gobble back at near the same time twice,both times I called,then I just wrapped it up and eased out.This is considered O Zone for deer,that's Coastal,But these are in Quite aways from the coast,and I saw some Big Buck tracks from this morning,this may be my opening day Archery spot,there was about 6 trails all coming down to the same place to drink in the morning,Had some great cover with more Acorns on the ground than I have ever seen sense I was a kid,You couldn't walk with out stepping on them ;D Cover,Water and enough food for thousands of turkey's and hundreds of Deer ;)
Todays Big Boy

A couple more looks at yessterdays big one.

Good luck every one!
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Nice, Boss Toms.Even the hens are big.
Thats an awsome tom :eek: :eek: I sure hope you get a chance at him :eek:
Theres 8100 acre's where I'll be hunting,and one of these big tom's are around every corner,I haven't seen a Jake yet,found some sign where some Tom's had been going at it,I guessing the Jake's are hiding from them tom's. I scouted over 12-15 hours,and all I heard and saw was those big'ol boy's,So ya I'm kind of getty hoping I get a chance at one. It's about a three hour drive from my House but I'll be staying with in 30 Minutes of that area from the day before the opener till Thursday. A week should give me time to get one or two,I hope,If I get two with in that time,I may bring them home and try to get one with my bow for the third. Right now I'm just worried about that 1st one ;D
Ain't that the truth...Got to get #1 in the bag & move on.
Nice looking toms you've got spotted. Yep that first one seems to be the thoughest one. Hope ya get a limit.
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