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Oklahoma State Wildlife & Fishiers Test 3-28-08'

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Today was the day of the test.
Located @ Rose State College in midwest city.Thanks~[ Okchunter ] for the directions.
This was my 3rd time taken this test,It's not 1 you can realy study for...It's more hit & miss kind of study'n.
Well,I believe i did it this time.The test is 100 ?'s multiple choise.
Their were about 40 ?'s, I had to just take a stap at.
I belive,I got between a high 50's to low 60's score.
I pray that will get my foot in the door finaly.

I'll be get'n my test score back in about 2-3 weeks.
Sure hope the envelope has a applacation in it.

After the test the wife drove us on over to Bass Pro Shops for some shopping.I did a kill'n on ammo.$5-$7 a box for turkey ammo.
"Hevi-Shot" 13 & "Kent" Ultimate Diamond Shot. Also had to get me some Apple Licorice ;D Love that stuff.
I bought 5 Box's of both turkey ammo's..I'm good for awhile.I'd say.
Also ran into my buddy of mine Mason Banta..We talked for awhile.

Then we went to eat in Bricktown. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Good Mexican Food.
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Heck I was at work today, could have met ya up there. Hope the best on your test and that this is the start of something good.
Sweet hope that letter comes with an app as well...
Keep your fingers crossed. I'm hoping for the best for you ;D
Thanks Ya'all.
I got high hope's after this go around.

I wish,I could of called some of ya after the test was over.
I didn't know the wife was on her way to B.P.S. for some shopping & eaten afterwards.
It's all good..I'll be down there next weekend for some turkey action..I am still waiting on my darn choke tube to come in...:(
Best of luck to you bud, I always wanted to make friends with a game warden ;) ;) ;) ;D
Farmboy....I took the Wildlife & Fishiers Tech Test.
You got to have 4 years of college & a B.A. degree to take the Game Warden test.
I got 3 1/2 years of College in Wildlife & Fishiers Tech & a AA degree in Wildlife& Fishiers Tech.
I want to work @ the Fish Hatchery or with the Wildlife Division either or,just want a better job.
Oh, Ok, That would be a cool job too. Anything working with wildlife would be awsome.
Farmboy, Exactly!!!
Sure hope you get it Gauge.
Gauge, talked to my buddy earlier, he said he felt pretty good about the tech, test but the Warden test was a *@^%%
I rekon.I've over heard the warden/biologist test is super hard.
M.O.S.S. thank ya.
Well buddy i sure hope you get a applacation this time.
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