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Ontario Fishing trip

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Thought I would share a couple of pictures from our recent trip
to Ontario. We fly in to Roger lake, which is a 7 mile lake on a
river system. There are feeder creeks we can go up and fish that
have some amazing waterfalls. We have been going to this lake since
2004 and it is our favorite due to the scenery and the amount of fish.
My nephew, Dace, is the one with the Pike. It was 40 inches long and
he caught it on a jighead tipped with a minnow. We were Walleye
fishing and he had 8 lb. test. He did an awesome job landing it and
we are getting a replica made of it. I was lucky enough to be fishing with
him that day and it was one of those memories that will never be forgotten.
After we took pictures and got it back in the water, we just sit in the boat for
about 30 minutes in shock shaking our heads wondering if the other guys would
believe us.

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:eek: :eek: Thats a heck of a nice pike :eek: :eek:

I'll bet he'll never forget that trip, especially with that trophy on the wall to back it up ;)
I've always wanted to go up there to fish.
caresut, What a trip.
Post some photos of that Pike for us all to see ok.
Good to hear the pike swam off for another day & ya'all are getting a replica made of it.Congrates.
Here you go Gauge. It is awesome up there. We catch so many fish we forget
to take pictures of half of the good ones. We are going next year and have a couple of openings. That is my son with the Small mouth and we caught 5 fish in a row there all
over 17 1/2 inches. this was way up a feeder creek where we had to motor up 3 different rapids to get there. Once we got there, it was fish after fish.
Going up a 50 yard rapid with a 16 foot lund and a 10 hp motor is quite exciting.
I will try to post some video.

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Nice fish,caresut. ;) ;) Canada sure has some awesome country & scenery.
I have not caught a northern pike for sometime now.
Last pike,I caught was at Lake Davis in N.CA. 21 pounds.
Here is a link to the video of my Uncle and nephew going back down
the rapids we had to go up to get to the feeder rivers and huge waterfalls.
We had to go up 3 of these to get to the biggest waterfall. It was
pretty intense but worth it because the fishing is awesome at the waterfalls.
Anyway, thought you guys might enjoy.
Looks like your uncle knew where to go ;)
I'll second that.
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