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I think he should not have been playing with the front end loader :eek:

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Re: Opps!

I'd say..their go's a $100,000.00 Tractor. Ouch !
I thought that was the new fold up for easy storage tractor!

Man he must have been haulin arse to buckel it up like that.
HOLY *(%% That is the funniest crap I have seen in a WHILE!!! :D :D :D I bet that guy is still pickin headliner out of his forehead and seat out of his crack! That makes 2 Massey Fergusons I have seen break at the cab, the first was at the dealer. They took it out back to try it out and got stuck, went to pull it out with a dozer and pulled it in half, motor dropped to the ground, with 1 hour total use on the machine.
Makes you wonder if this one broke in half and caused this. Hummmmmmm ???
What not to buy.
I doubt this broke on its own. Look at the hole in the road under the bucket, this guy reached for his shifter and hit the loader joystick instead and jammed the bucket in the road (shifter and joystick are right next to each other). The amazing thing is that the bucket didnt just rip open like a tuna can instead of busting the frame. I have seen new guys do the same thing (at slower speeds) in the hay field with a John Deere and all they got was a sore head and a MASSIVE butt chewing. ;D
Someone has been watching too many reruns of Dukes of Hazzard!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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