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Other than hunting and fishing, what hobbies do you participate in?

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I like riding atv’s, doing light machining on the lathes, welding and recently got into metal detecting and lapidary work.
While in Arizona over the winter I built stone handles for 6 steak knives and a chef’s knife from rocks. The blanks were bought at Woodcrafters.
Here is how it starts. Slabs are cut from raw rock. The pattern traced and cut to rough shape with a tile saw and glued to the knife.
Then on to the polishing wheels that go from coarse 30 grit for stock removal to the final polish with 50,000 grit

Art paint Paint Material property Violet Font

the finished product:

Wood Garden tool Gas Kitchen utensil Tints and shades

Wood Rectangle Line Metal Hardwood

Started into metal detecting recently as well.
First serious hunt was in the back yard yesterday. Found what most would expect around a home. Screws, coins, nails, etc.
Can’t wait to prospect around some old homesteads.

Font Art Wood Office supplies Tool

What’s yours?
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I’m a board member for our regional chapter of The Great Divide Friends of the NRA. We had our annual banquet last night so my free time is opening back up now. But that is a year round thing for us as well. That really does take up a lot of free time.

I spend a lot of my unclaimed free time shoveling snow it seems. That keeps me busy at least 9 months of the year but I’m on the clock 12 months a year for that.

Next month starts my annual ritual of feeding the cute, cuddly and tasty bears. That will keep me busy for another 2 months or so and surly lead to another solo wilderness survival experience. With luck my entire fall may be nothing but a wilderness survival experience…..that’s still TBD.

My wife and I recently bought a camper and are in the process of remodeling that. My goal is to have it ready for the fall season at the latest.

With the spring thaw around the corner (June) I’ll be making my excursions into the high country lakes for some back woods fly fishing. We tie our own flys so some time will be spent on that to stock up on those early ice off patterns.

Of course my ever unpredictable work schedule will throw a wrench into everything just mentioned.
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Besides hunting & fishing I'm a Trapper.

Between seasons my wife and I travel to Washington Ok to visit our daughter SIL and grandkids for a few weeks.

I'm also a Hunter Trapper Education Instructor here in Pa for the past 26 years.

I also work on Conservation Issues at the capital in Harrisburgh, Pa.
Welcome OKH. Feel free to tell us a bit more about yourself.
That’s one reason my daughter never moved with us as it’s not legal here. As a LEO I have to have my professional reservations about it. To each his own and family comes first.
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