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Outdoor TV Channel

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Anyone on Direct-TV. There is a new outdoor channel 608.
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I don't even get the Outdoor channel's...I hate it.
I get the outdoor channel on cox channel 250 I watch it about 4 times a night. Love it

It is not the outdoor channel .It is called MAN ( Maximum Adventure Network )
I gt Direct but don't get Outdoor Channel, We'll checkout M.A.N on 608! Also another one is coming on March 26 or 28th, its called Persuit! on chanel 610! A guy I know knnown as RD- the Rugged Dude to his fans, host of " Officially Rugged with RD" will be on there. His show has been in Canada for years and on MOR- and was a top 10 show. He's preparing to move to Texas soon, so give it a watch! 8)
Favorite channel on cable tv...Only watch a few channels and that happens to be one of em...
Every time I tune into the MAN channel, its just infomercials. Maybe I'm watching at the wrong time ??? ???
Week-End Morning's Dennis ;) Early.
Aww man, more hunting shows, dang it!!!!! ;)
Shoot you must be up at late late hours cause when I watch it there are no infomercials at all....Then again I watch in the evening and on weekends..
I only watch it during the day light hours. In the evening, the wife has to watch her reality shows, and I just read, or go work in the shop
hehe well I am not home much anyways so I mainly watch weekends..We have two TV's so if we have shows that are on at the same time we can watch em...Don't have a DVR or I'd just record the shows I want to watch and watch em on weekends..
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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