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A stress reliever in this lease is the accommodations. The options were local B&B, buy a travel trailer or sleep in a tent. These three options are only moderately viable to not happening where the wife is involved, for me all three just fine.

As a bonus there is a hired hand apartment that we have been given use of. What a deal.

Fashion Interior design Floor Eyewear Flooring

Spacious living room-dining room.

Wood Human body Ladder Tints and shades Ceiling

Romantic loft-sleep area.

Brown Building Wood Shelf Interior design

Fully equipped kitchenette-micro wave and refrigerator behind quaint "ships ladder" to loft.

Plumbing fixture Plant Wood Bathroom Interior design

Bath room with lots of hot water.

I think I got a good deal with this lease. For the cost of a 4 day semi guided hunt I get year round hunting and fishing and a happy Wife.
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