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Over/Under suggestions

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I am toying with the idea of getting a over/under 20ga for skeet and bird hunting. I just wanted to see what recommendations you guys might have.
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what kind of price range are you wanting to stay in
I would like to stay under $1000 if possible for new. I kinda planned on choosing what I want and then shopping for a used one.
Mossberg Silver Reserve around $500.00 www.mossberg.com you can view 1 on the site.
They are great O/U scatterguns never heard anything bad about um.

A used Browning Citori @ the right time will be under $1000.00

I'm looking @ the ~New~ Mossberg Silver Reserve in the new SxS version.

Remington & Winchester also have O/U for around the $1000.00 mark as well.
If you have never shot one, you might try the english straight stock if you can find one. Its an individual preference, but for me, I can sure shoot it better.
You might look at this site too. There is a lot of info on here about shotguns, including imports from turkey,and Italy, that may fall into your price range.

I would rather spend my budget on a good used gun and get more gun for my money than settle for a less expensive new gun...for example...when I was 17 years old ( I'm now 57 ) my Dad gave 190 dollars and and old pump gun for a used Winchester 101 skeet grade gun. It belonged to the Ada skeet club and had been shot for years...now...40 years later it is still a really nice gun...the gun was very much used but it has been a wonderful gun for my intire life and will be for my grandson as well..
Another example is I have a Browning Superposed Lightning Grade...no way could I afford to buy this gun new..I know the guy that bought it new and I was around 12 years old at the time...I have owned it now for the past 15 years or so and it is still the same quality now as it was 45 years ago..I guess what I would suggest is to find the best quality used gun you can afford and go for it..the main thing is to make sure it fits you...if it don't fit then find a good gunsmith that can make it fit...you will then have a great gun for all your hunting life...by the way...both of mine are 12 gauges and I would so much like for one to be a 20 gauge..I think a 20 is a very good choice...Good luck on whatever you decide...Sasakwa
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I just found this site tonight. Its used or new guns. If you do the homework, & know what one is worth, you might find a bargain. It looks to me that they have minimums on some, if not all.
Thanks for the advise guys, yall have given me several things to think about.

Gauge ~ I like the mossberg idea, always been a mossy fan. I found one in 20ga for $499 or for $699 I can get a 2 gauge set, 12/20 or 20/28. Now I have to get my hands on one and see how it fits.
Farmboy @ our D.U.dinner we auctioned off,A combo 12/20 Mossberg Reserve O/U in the live auction.
We had a reserve of $900.00 on it & we got someone to buy it for $975.00.

I shot one about a year ago,I like the feel & they are euopean made mossbergs.
I can hit with the top barrel on any O/U.I always have a problem hitting anything with the bottom barrel though :mad:.
Yet thats me.Now give me a SxS and look out. :eek: :eek: ;D

I'm sure you'll like the mossberg reserve o/u & the price tag.
Best to ya on your new O/U buy.
I have a Remington Spartan 16ga and absolutely love it. It is actually a Russian gun. Remington took them over a few years ago and put their name on them. Think I gave just a hair over $400 for it. They were cheaper before Remington put their name on them. Check em out. You will like. It has auto ejectors, or you can turn them off it you prefer to pluck out the shells yourself. It will only kick out the fired shell, not both.
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