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Pacific fly way hunting

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I got out today to do some duck hunting here in Oregon. I went out to this place called Sauve Island. I had drawn a controlled hunt tag. It turns out that you can not hunt geese on this place. Real shame too as I seen thousands of them fly with in range of my gun today. I could have swated them out of the sky with the butt of my gun. Ducks were flying way high today. Skys were blue and no wind. Snow was still on the ground and the ponds were frozen. I got out in the pond and cut a real big hole in it and put my decs out there. Ducks flew about 100 yards up but did not dive bomb. Pretty cool watching geese put there landing gear down right in front of me and I could't touch em. Truly had a great time out though. Ill get out again with the new year and try my hand again.
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Man, that had to hurt watching the geese that close. I can honestly say I've never killed a goose. I've been over on Salt plains refuge on a private land hunt and had geese fly over, but its always been a nice cloudless day and they were about a mile high. :'( Be real carefull on that water cutting a hole in the ice. We tried that one time, and just about didn't make it back as the ice broke under us , and we just barely made it to shore, and then just about croaked from the hypothermia untill the truck would warm up and get the heater going.
The Ice was thin enough that I could break it up as I walked out into the pond. I would propbably never walk on top of Ice. Ive seen one to many people fall through and not seen again until the spring thaw.
Wish you better luck next time buddy.
It's hard pressed when thing's are all froze up on ya.

Hope to see some photo's from your next hunt this new year.
Supposed to snow and rain Friday so Im going out to the ponds. Ill leet you know how it goes.
It was raining so much that due to flooding they shut down the roads to the area I was plannign to go hunt. We have been having some odd ball weather here in Oregon. I am glad I did not get out there before they shut the roads down. I might have been stuck or worse flooded out.
To bad buddy.
Your state was froze up & now getting heavy rain in some aera's.
I've been watching the wether reports in your area. Its not looking good. :'(
i was out at packsaddle on sat the 3th ans saw about 800-900
just south of the river

sorry i put this in the wrong place
No biggy we all post from time to time in the wrong thread.
No biggy we all post from time to time in the wrong thread.
Yep, it all depends on how late, and how many beverages are consumed ;D
Its frickin snowing right now. Wayne you got me all excited about seeing so many birds. Thought for a minute you were giving me a heads up. Oh well ;D I decided to partake in the frosty beverages and am several into them. :D After I am done drinking tonight I am on the waggin and the farm as well. Elk hunting is done in some unbealevably steep terain and I am planning to hunt elk, deer, mountain lion, bear and waterfowl for the 09 year. Mountain lion is almost year round so in the next couple months I will be headed out in persuit. I got to get in shape ASAP
That is some awesome big game hunting in that area! :eek:
I'm jealous as hell. :'(
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