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It is probably me but i read the previous posts and still cant figure out how to post a pic. Did something change or can someone give more detailed instructions?

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BA hunter~ A little has been alt.

1st you need a photobucket account..It free & safe.This is a hosting site for your photos.

2nd you will need to select photo size ..Nothing bigger then 800x640...We perfer you use the 640x480 size.

3rd you will see upload images or photos on the right hand side.
Left click on it. It will then show you a list on your computor.From the list look for where you have you photos saved @.
Left click open then look for photo you want to post.Left click on it.
The photo you want will upload.

4th Once your photo has uploaded.You WILL HAVE 4 DIFFERENT OPIONS to choose from.
Choose Direct link by a left click of the mouse.
Your photo is ready to be posted.

5th don't close your photobucket accont down till you are done with posting photos.
Go to where you want to post your photo or photos here on oklahoma hunter.

6th you will want to click on the icon above the smiley & big grin face it looks like a photo.
A window will come up-click backspace.Now left click on your mouse & then left click Paste.

7th click on preview at the bottom of your post to look @ what your post will look like.
If happy with it...Click on Post.
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