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We have two paid slots for entry to the High Cap Hose down to give away. So here is what we are going to do. We are going to accept donations that 100% go to the Ponca City Rilfle and Pistol Club to help expand their range Those that donate will then be entered into a drawing for the slots. The slots are good for your choice of either Limited or Open division. So if you have already entered for one division you might as well send us $5 and try to get that second slot and shoot the other division. We will draw the winner on the afternoon of October 14th. Here is how you can maximize your chances to win a slot. A $2 donation gets you one entry into the drawing. A $5 donation gets you 3 entries into the drawing. We will put all of the names of those that donate into a spreadsheet and post it on October 13th. We will do the stock market deal on the 14th to the two winners.

$2 = 1 entry
$5 = 3 entries

Here is a link to the more info on this match http://www.poncarpc.org/

This match is going to be 280 rounds in 4 stages. Open and Limited Divisions will be recognized. Lunch will be provided. All USPSA rules apply except those limiting the number of rounds per stage

If you would like to donate and be eligible for the drawing for the two paid entries PM me for details or more info.
The drawing is in three days. Let me know asap if your interested.

For those that are just starting out, or wanting to start there is going to be a "Brave heart" division for newbs, and those that don't own hi cap pistols.
If you want to shoot your carry gun, or a single stack like a 1911, this is the place to break it out. I don't have a hi-cap pistol, (yet)so I'll be in this division with the 1911.
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