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Pond Turtle Season Anyone????

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Turkey season is over, loooong way till October deer and fall turkeys, weather is warming up so it must mean one thing. Pond turtle season is here!!!!! Already got a couple with the 22-250 and this weekend is the first go 'round with a .45. Also the Walther P22 will done it red dot scope and give 'em a whirl. But the most fun is going down to the pond in the golf/offroad cart with a big ole ice tea, shooting sticks and the 10/22 for a long afternoon of pond frisbee sniping.

Anyone else partake in this shooting sport?
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I have a friends pond that we have a picnic table set up on the pond dam as a bench rest. I'm betting there is over a ton of bullets in the bottom. :eek: ;D We like to see how many times we can flip them in the air with the big bore handguns. ;D
that 17 makes them jump up and flip on command its great practice for deer hunting
Now that sounds fun,We we're shooting arrows at them when Carp fishing a couple of weeks ago for practice on instinct shooting with a bow ;)
The perfect shot around here is if you can hit 'em in the neck and make their head fly up in the air. I'm sending my 10/22 trigger group in for a smooothin out job so I'll be with out for a couple of weeks. But when it get's back it ought to be fun!!!
Anyone got any ponds near OKC? I want to introduce the boy to the joys of turtle and snake shooting. Thats how I got good with a pistol. Shooting those little moving turtle heads. We had 2 ponds until dad sold off all his land to a developer.
Can you get him down in some of the backwaters on the cimmaron south of OKC? I haven't been in that area much but my son lived there for awhile and used to ride his dirt bike down there a lot. Might be some good gar shooting in the river too ;D ;D
Dennis the South Canadian River is less than a mile from me. But no access. None of the landowners will let you on their land to get to the river.
He would take his dirt bike, and ride down the highway easment to the river. He said he went under the river bridge on meredian, and it was like a small city of people living in cardboard boxes, and tarps, but I'm betting you know all about that. Said he didn't stick around long. :eek:
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