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Post a Caliber.... Game

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When you are just about to post,cheak it.
If, it is a Gun caliber post it here.
Let's see how many we can rack up.

Post 224 Weatherby.
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Post 225 Winchester.
7.62x54 russian
Sorry misread the rules. Treehugger had me distracted. Cool game

Post 240 Weatherby
Post 243 Winchester
Post 244 Remington
Post .246 Purdey
Post 250 Savage
Post 256 Weatherby Mag.
Wayawatsi ~Your post should of been, 41 Rem Mag.
It's to be of your very own post #'s. No biggy, T.H. messed up too.
Post 256 Magnum(Gibbs)/256 Winchester Magnum
Post 257 Roberts
Post 264 Winchester Magnum
ooops1 I just got off the weatherby nation BB and guess I still had it on my mind! lol
Well, Everyone has their on post #'s...Hint,Hint,Hint.
Example: Wayawatsi has 44 post...Post 44 Remington Magnum. See now?
280 Remington
1 - 20 of 69 Posts
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