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Post your Turkey Score & Scores (Here)

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Ok Ya'all,here is the N.W.T.F calculator to use to score your Turkey.

http:/ www.nwtf.org/all_about_turkeys/turkey_score.html
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Greg's/Kele's First Turkey From the NWTF Score site

Score is 20+8.75+8.75+19=56.5

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Birds Score is 16 pounds 1/8" spurs R & L 4 1/2" beard.

16+1.25+1.25+8= 26.5 ;D
My Jake: 17 pounds Spurs R & L 1/8" 3" Beard ;D

17+1.25+1.25+6= 25.5
Turkey #2....Hold on to your hats :eek:
weight 17lb's
r/spur/1/4 in
l/spur/1/8 in
Beard 2 in.
Total score=22.25+56.50 for bird #1=78.75

I could have waited longer for a larger Gobler,But it was 7:30 am,and I wanted Breackfast and to go Bow-fishing for carp all day,and another Gobler coming around is never a given,and I had 4 Jakes to pick from,so I just picked the one that looked to be the best Eater ;D
Good luck to the rest of ya,We need some more Turkey's up here,I'll be good for 1 more with all these new leases,but,you boy's and Girl's need to start banging them out ;)
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OK you guys,theres NO way I thought I'd have single Turkey & over all Turkey Bragging rights at this point with the likes of Craig and Dennis out there,Being from Ca.???? what the hecks going on here.
You guy's just arn't trying :mad: Now some one get out there and beat me before I get another big'ol Tom and finish the deal 8)
Kele, I know I know, I should be out hunting more. Danged ole work sure gets in the way of a good season. 7.5 years from now there won't be that problem, and it'll be the best money the gubment ever spent, for me to stay home!!!!
I know,I got it kind of easy,I'd be out next Tuesday,A Looking for # 3,but I got to take the Boy/Kele in for his shot's and his annual rip-off check-up :p,let the Gardner into the back yard on Wednesday,so it looks like next Thursday ;D,Sucks to be me. I just can't believe Dennis isn't smoking us all,and Craig has been having to much fun getting Walleye's,Lucky bum,I've never caught one of those??? I'm having a fair year,I could have got another nice Tom the other day if I wasn't in a hurry,you could hear them behind me Pi$$ing of the chickens,It was just a matter of time before they did there Business and made there way to me,but that Jake looked Tasty ;)
Hay, Greg.
The feaking wind here in OK, has been unreal for about a week now.
It finally has been die'n down here since yesterday.The wind.
I plain on getting out sometime this weekend for #2 & #3 if luck is still on myside.( It sure has been for a week of so ).

Congrate to you on #2 again Bro.
Hope you get you limit this season.

P.S. {Them walleye are to much fun buddy}. ;D ;D ;D ;D

;D I got #2 this morning @ 8:00 a.m.
It was like a text book hunt.
Me & my Step Daughter set up the decoy & ground blind about 7:15 a.m.
We saw a boar hog 200-300 lbs about 80 yards out, right off the back :eek: :eek: :eek:.(We cant shoot um unless it's a life & death situation.)
Well it was 7:20 a.m. & Gobble Gobble Gobble.
I hit the call with a rythem of 3 sets of quick yelps then followed it up by some puts.
30 minutes later... Mr.Big Tom showed up 30 Yards out 10 yards from the decoy..BOOM!!!
Here are the measurements + score & All the photos.
He was 23.6 lbs 11" beard & 1" Spurs R&L.

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Both birds add up to...65.375+25.5(Total)='s 91.875.
Sorry {Greg}...That will put me into 1st place. ;D..Hay, ya asked for it brother.
1st,Nice Bird ;)

I new I could Goat you into it sooner or later,But that beard don't look no 11 in.He looks about like the one I got ;) Hanging it looks 11
Have to give you crap,Wait till # 3 Buddy.I'll probably get him off of Public land like my big one,I could have got a big one off of the private land,just didn't have the patients,Now go get one of those out with all the yoyo's.
My God,How can you stand all that smoking around you,I forgot,your daughter in-law smokes,Wife smokes,It would kill me bro,Kill Me!!! Tell her that smoke in her hand makes her look less attractive :p

Time for the dicider....#3 91-79,I'm still in the game.and this is Ca. :mad:
Gauge ~ Darn nice bird there bud!! Looks like your hoggin all the good luck around here! ;D ;D ;D
Greg, thank's brother.
I knew ya would give me some shizzat.
Best to you on #3 buddy.
Farmboy~Thank you buddy.
I've been blessed most difently here latly with good luck.
Way to go Gauge, nice tom. Gonna make that jake look tiny.
Thank Ya, Bird.
He did that & then some buddy.
Thanks Bro,Best to you on your #3,I've also been blessed on health and luck for the last 6-7 years,Knock on wood.The worst thing I've had is allergies ;) Best to all'ya ;D
I got them too Greg,I hate it.
Best to ya also on #3 & may he be a Big Ole'Tom.
Thats a really nice bird guage! ;D
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