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Okay ,Elip.

(1st) go to www.photobucket.com & sign up for a free account.

(2nd) chose the pic size you want...Please keep them no bigger then 800x640.
We perfer 640x480.

(3rd) click on browse...This will take you to were your pics are stored on your computer.
Just click on the photo you want to upload & click open.

(4th) Click on upload. Wait & your pic will upload.

(5th) Right click on direct link on the photo you want to post.
Then go to where you want to post your photo in oklahoma hunter & right click in the oklahoma hunter toolbar .The icon right below the B.

(6th) erase the http/: Then left click & right click on paste.

Last click post.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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