Selling my bow fishing setup. PSE tidal wave set at 40lbs, taken out maybe 2 dozen times, never dry fired. Comes with arrow rest, extra parts, AMS bow fishing pro reel, extra capacity jug with double the regular line capacity, original line jug with like new line in it. Comes with case, 5 bow fishing arrows, I think 4 of them are AMS, one of them is a Cajun bow fishing arrow. Also included is 5 BlackOut X5 Envy Carbon Arrows with field points so you can hone your skills at home. Generic Academy bow case comes with as well.
Nothing wrong with the setup, it worked great for me for 2 years of light use, but I haven’t used it in 3 years now. It just takes up space in the closet. I need it gone. Since it has sat for 3 years I would suggest getting the entire thing gone over, just to be safe.

meet FTF in north OKC or Edmond, can meet halfway if I’m heading that direction or you have a real sweet deal.

$200 cash, or trade for a 22 pistol (can supplement with cash either way), name brand 20ga pump, most lever guns, smith and Wesson 917 plus cash on my end, Ruger American Ranch in 223 plus a little cash on my end. Open to other things as well, just hit me up and let me know what you have.