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My Savage is the same in the wind.
It was bought prior to the accutrigger so it sat in the safe a lot. Can’t stand a bad trigger.
Finally installed a Rifle Basix trigger that fixed that issue. Much more fun to shoot now.
It’s instant death on an armadillo.

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A disclosure here. This post is a bit of a tease.

First, I shot that group. There was zero wind.

This rifle is the wife's gun. When we were courting, I took her on a date shooting Montana gophers, Loaned her the gun to shoot. She complained that the stock was to long -she had a hard time reaching the trigger and seeing in the scope.

I told her that all could be fixed by fitting the stock to her. She said so do it. I tried to explain to her that this was the gun I loaned company when they came to visit and shoot gophers. She said "fix my gun". Her gun??

So now the LoP is 11.75 inches.

This gun is a Savage 93R17. It has the accu-trigger and bull barrel. The scope a Simmons 3-12x40 SP scope. A good combination for carrying in the truck for gopher shooting in Montana.

Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Metal

In order for me to shoot this gun, with the butt sucked into my shoulder, I have to pull my head way back to get eye relief. Not conducive to good shooting.

This gun makes for a good inexpensive and accurate, over the counter varmint gun.
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