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Red Dot on Turkey Gun

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I put a B*Square scope mount on my Charles Daly and an NC Star Tactical red dot. The sight is very small and weighs like 2ozs. or less. Its dot is self adjusting. What range do you guys think I ought to sight it in at? I was thinking maybe 25 yards.
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Well Joe,You know how far you are making that Turkey shot on a regular basis,that's where I would set it,if I was you.
I have a Browning BPS,Nothing special,but I have a Browning Fullstrutt XX full Turkey choke on it,and have smoked everything I have ever shot at from 30-55 yards with just a BB. on top of it. I have NO problem taking it out to 60-65 yards if need be,55 is as far as I've had to,I thought I was going to have to make a 60 yarder this year on that big tom,But when his main Hen started in,I just layed back and watched him running in and smoked him at 35 yards,he was going so fast he did a header when I smoked him ;D
Good luck with that,
Smokewagon, The scope you got is rated to be parallex's free to 50 yards.
So, that meens you don't have an blur in the scope @ that range of view-(0-50 Yards).
30 Yards would be better for your center of pattern as well to only limiting yourself to 25 yards.

Keep your center of pattern with the most pellet counts.
To the base of the head of a turkey target.{ This will allow you to make 40 yard & extream range shots more effective }.
Once you no longer can keep a minimum of 5 pellets in the vitals consistantly-( You have reached your maximum (Kill Range.)

{Smokewagon} - You said you hade a Charles Daly?
( Suggestion for you...Get you a Remington Ventilator Turkey Choke Tube for it, if it is a 12 Gauge.(60-65 yard shots will be you maximum range).
I can acheive this with my {Charles Daly-{Maxi-Mag} when using a minimum of a 2 oz load of #6 shot.
Gauge, Im using a Truglo Gobble Stopper Extreme choke. It seems to get the job done.
What ever works for ya Smokewagon.
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