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Results of the Spring 08'(Turkey Contest)

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1st Greg/Kele~ Turkey #1 56.5 Turkey #2 22.25 Turkey #3 74 Total ='s 152.75.
2nd Craig/Gauge~ Turkey #1 25.5 Turkey #2 65.375 Total ='s 90.875.
3rd Jazz/MOSSY OAK-SUPERSTAR~ Turkey #1 57.25.
4th Dennis/dennishoddy~Turkey #1 50.375.
5th Terry/Bird this time~ Turkey #1 26.5.

{ Biggest overall Turkey...Go's to Greg/Kele with a score of 74.

{ Largest Spurs...Go's to Greg/Kele with 1 1/2" Spurs Left & Right legs.

{ Largest Beard...Go's to Craig/Gauge with a beard length of 11".

{ Highest Score for a single Tom entry...Go's to Jazz/MOSSY OAK-SUPERSTAR with a score of 57.25.

{ Most Uncommon Turkey...Go's to Dennis/dennishoddy with a 4 Bearded Tom. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

{ Sucsessful Hunter...Go's to Terry/Bird this time...With a nice Jake of 16 Pounds & a 4 1/2" beard.

Congratulations to Ya'all.
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Some Nice scores,and it was a slow year.Great Job everyone.
Craig,Nice Job with that ;)
To Bad it's over,Till next year we will do'er again.
I'll enjoy what titles I got out of it till then.
We all know next year is going to be a whole new story.
It all ways is ;D 8)
Well it was a very good year considering,I went out 7 times & got 5 turkeys 2 were mine & 3 were friends.
Yet ya know by now that,Turkeys don't play fair but part of time ya spend in the woods.
Congrates again to ya Greg.On your 1st Trio of Rio's.
Yep,that was a nice feeling,Thanks bro, I just like the sound of that....A Trio of Rio's ;D
I know that felling.
It has been 9 spring seasons now & this was the 1st for me, not to get a Trio of Rio's.
Ya can't win um all.

I found out something for you.I'll p.m. ya here soon.
Congrats everybody on some fine birds this season ;D
Yep it was a fun spring season, first time I've gotten to go out in several years. Already look forward to fall turkey and deer!!!!

Congrads to all.

Now is Successfull Hunter like Least Ugly Fat Kid........ ???
Nope,meens ya were successful anuff to get ya a fine tom turkey this spring.
After all, are double jakes were 16 & 17 pounds. Them were some big jakes.
Dang, I always wanted to be the least ugly somthin or ruther! ;D
I'm going to go with....ah..NO COMENT ;D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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