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Robk's wife...

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Just thought I would put something back up since the site went down. Just remember to keep Robk's wife, himself and his family in your prayers. I haven't heard an update but I suspect we'll hear from Robk soon. Thanks again everyone.
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I sure hope she is recovering
Were all here: pray'n for ya Rob & Tammie.
I must have missed the news but the Ranes' will keep you in our prayers.
I sent rob a PM sunday and he said she is still in a lot of pain and having a rough time. He is also having some health problems and is afraid he may wind up having surgery himself. Dont forget em guys, sounds like they can use all the prayers they can get.
Rob, If ya need us..just call brother.

hwy all i am headed to the dr tomorrow and to find out what they are going to do with me. i am aving migraine headaches and other problems with my intestines. tammie is doing a bit better as she is learning to tolerate her pain a bit more but still needs a lot of medicine to keep her in any kind of comfort. hopefully in the next week or so tammie will be out of trouble
thanks for the prayers we need them especially tmmie
god bless
rob k
You always got um Rob & Tammie.
The Dawson's are praying for ya'll Rob. Have faith in the great healer. You need anything, holler. :)
We'll keep you both in our prayers Rob..
they are going to pump a couple of pints of blood in her as her hemoglobin is wy down and is anemic. she is doing a little better today but still using her pain meds for the pain she is in
kepp up the prayers please and god bless
rob k

I hope everything works out for you and your wife. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Now that robs wife is home we'll take this off sticky but let's still keep em in our prayers.
We will.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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