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rough day

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On my way out to the dam to calibrate the lake level instruments, I took my camera, and got these guys in about a 40 mph wind. gotta give em credit for wanting to get out there.

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To much effert for a fish.
Yet, we all are die hards for something weither or not.
Now I've been known to do some stupid things in my life, but being out on the lake in that kind of wind can't be fun. Plus just a tad bit dangerous too. Unless... "Danger is my middle name." could it be ..... nah.
The only time I've been in water like that,it was Raining also and it was a tournament and there was $$$$
involved or....I don't think so,I had a lower profile all welded Alumaweld custom Bass boat and it took some seaman ship not to get swamped that day.
The $$ was right and I was in the $$$ so I guess it was worth it,but then again you should see some of the conditions I've Kayaked out into the Ocean to get Abalone with 10-12 ft rogue waves and 2-3 feet of visibility.OK so I'm a little off ::) I like to call it living,If you cant hang with the big dogs,Stay on the porch,My Female cousin used to use that line all the time,Her husband dives with me to,If I had him out on that week and it was like that for three dives,I watched my Kayak get picked up once coming in once going out by a 10 foot rogue wave and get slammed back up on shore,I was smart enough to bale out when I saw the one coming and the one from behind,I was all most on shore when I saw the water getting sucked out from under me and new what was going to happen,I didn't even look back,I just jumped ;D Good thing I keep all my gear tethered down,I was running up and down the beach retrieving my waters I drank up on the way in to rehydrate. I just don't like to litter that bad.
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All that kind of action is "fun" and gets the adrenaling going till the poop hits the fan and the rescue teams get called out in that same kind of "fun" environment and they have to risk their good day pulling out the thrill seeker. Now don't get me wrong, when I was younger I did a lot of crazy stuff that I'd never do now. Now that I'm older and have things that I'd like to be around for, I can still have fun but manage the risk factor to be a little bit more in my favor. Just me being an old fart I guess.
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